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"Sarah and Kate are WONDERFUL. I really couldn't say that enough. They did everything I asked plus more! They were so nice, professional and willing to do anything. I would have been a mess if they weren't there. They did so much to help us. They brought us a delicious fruit tray and sandwich, they helped make our reception venue look fantastic, Sarah continually made sure my dress looked great and the emergency kit of hers really helped mine! I had stains on my dress before the ceremony even started and she got them all out. Even saved my husbands neckline! I was freaking out but she really calmed my nerves. They checked in often through out the night to see if we needed anything etc. I could go on and on about how much they helped. They care about your day and it shows. They went above and beyond on our wedding day and I am so thankful of them that they were there. If anyone has any questions, please ask! I def. recommend Sarah and her assistant, Kate!" ~Sarah McCall

"I had always planned on booking a day of wedding coordinator and hit the jackpot with Sarah and Kate at Planning4You. Not only are they experienced coordinators but they are also recent brides themselves so they understand all aspects of weddings. No matter how organized you are I definitely recommend booking them to take care of all the details the day of and have input on any areas you need help with. It was nice just to show up the day of the wedding and have two lovely ladies take care of me by your wedding day it is nice to take a break from the details. No major problems and all small hiccups were resolved. They are fabulous! Highly recommend!" ~Erica Fahey

"I would highly recommend Sarah and her team at Planning4You for any range of planning needed. They were cost effective, personal, and their role in our wedding couldn't have played out better." ~Ian Gilmore

"Thank you so much for every big and little thing that you did on my wedding day. I couldn't have asked for a better day!" ~ Jessica Stockton

"My day was perfect and worry free, thanks to Sarah and her assistant working behind the scenes. She took wonderful care of my husband and I, even making sure we ate and drank throughout the day. I can't thank her enough for her contribution!" - Sheilia Parson

"There wasn't just one thing we liked that Sarah did for us, she was there for everything and helped with it all. Without her we wouldn't have had the beautiful day that we did!" ~ Troy & Katie Anderson
Amazing! I recommend Planning4You LLC. I was such a last minute bride and the planner had a solution for everything even down to one big thing i forgot: a cake! She found a solution! Thanks for making our day amazing! ~Mandy & David Willoughby

"The wedding emergency kit came in handy! We hope and pray the best for your business, and we will send as much business to you as we can! You are an amazing planner! " ~Love, Eric & Natalie Pope

"We are so very happy with the wedding programs you did for us; we appreciate all of your time and efforts; they are absolutely perfect and exactly as we envisioned. Your willingness to communicate and ensure all of our requests were met is a prime example of your professionalism and service. We would certainly refer your services to our family and friends; once again, thank you." ~Amy & Bert Hehman

"She was very helpful. At the reception she didn't just take care of me and my husband, but also the parents. That meant a lot to me." ~Anna Conley

"Sarah was a very important asset to my wedding planning. I thought I knew how to handle it all and be able to do it by myself but I was totally wrong. I am so glad I decided to hire her. She is a complete life savor and helped me actually enjoy the planning of my wedding." ~Sarah Armstrong

"Sarah is very creative and thinks fast on her feet. She is good at making things beautiful without a huge cost and will work tirelessly to find exactly what you are looking for." ~Sarah Schmees

"Sarah took on two brides in one day, she complied with everything we needed and brought a emergency kit! Sarah also stayed until I was safe in my hotel room :)." ~ Brittany Jones
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